Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gary McNally, partner of Macro System US

Below is the Court Order from the Superior Court of New Jersey

Steve Kaiser is a business representative for Gary McNally at Macro System US.

Steve Kaiser was found guilty by the Superior Court of New Jersey and had to pay me back his share of the profit.
He paid me $250 out of the $950 I paid.
I am still out $700 after returning all the materials to McNally, who refuses to pay back the full refund for a product he sold me that is not compatible with my equipment.

This court order was issued, because I purchased software from McNally's business representative Steve Kaiser for nearly $1000 to upgrade my computer, that turned out to be not compatible. 

I was consulted for an upgrade in December of 2015 by Steve Kaiser, an official rep for Macro System US, spend nearly $1000 to purchase the software. I also paid Kaiser $150 cash to check the installed software, because my experience in the past with Macro System was, that there was always issues, because of the bugs and lack of professional customer service. 

As Kaiser was uploading an animation from a DVD and an USB stick at his Senior Citizen apartment in Piscataway, where Steve Kaiser is running an illegal business from, to test the software, it wasn't working and he suggested a work around. That was the first problem right off the back. When I got home to import the video from my FX 1 camera, the video was out of sync with the audio after 10 seconds.

After working and cooperating with McNally and his employee Steve Kaiser for 5 months to make it work, I ran out of patience, because my cooperation and identifying software problems was not appreciated and the insults, lies and disrespect from Kaiser and McNally was getting way too much and was way out of line.

Gary McNally, partner of Macro System US

I asked for a refund, like every normal person would do when a product doesn't work, in return I got the run around, was used to provide them with my test results, was abused and accused for my cooperation.

When dealing with people with little or no knowledge about the product they are selling and as a result of it having to make stuff up and lie in my face and make me feel like there was something wrong with me, that is the time to blow the whistle on those horrible people, to not only protect myself from further abuse, to also protect future customers from having this horrible and humiliating experience with McNally, Kaiser and the manufacturer in Germany Christian Schmoheil.

McNally and Kaiser gave me instructions such as to use a slider to sync the audio after it was imported, which was completely irrelevant as I was told by the manufacturer and they also requested to black out the mini DV tape before using it, that suggestion is a Stone Age suggestion we did 20 years ago.

 McNally finally suggested in February, three month later, if I wanted a refund to contact one of the co-owners in Germany, Christian Schmoheil, and I did.

Little did I know that this was just another refund run around and a standard practice by McNally and his scam team. 

After explaining my problem to Schmoheil the manufacturer in Germany and again following his instructions, which I had already done three times at this point, naturally with the same result, he told me if I wanted a refund I should ask McNally in the US, because I purchased it from him and not from Germany. Again I was used to find the software problems for them, like I signed up to be their unpaid beta tester and in return I get treated with disrespect and get the run around.

Christian Schmoheil, co-owner of Macro Motion, Germany

Later Schmoheil told me that the manufacturer in Germany has the exact same camera I have, the Sony FX1, which is one of the top 10 camera used by pro-sumers in the US still today. I couldn't believe that Schmoheil told me that they didn't even use their own camera to test the software they were selling to the public. They must have hired Ray Charles as a beta tester. The incompetence by these people from Macro System US and Macro Motion in Germany is quite a discovery.

At least Schmoheil told me that he was sorry that the software they sold me was not compatible and they will work on an upgrade asap. He told me that 5 months of me digging for information and requesting a refund.

After 5 months of this non-sense, humiliation, insults, accusations, run around and empty promises, I mailed them back all the materials as Steve Kaiser was suggesting, letting me believe I would get a refund after that, unfortunately it was just another rip off scam. Now they still have my money AND the product.

At that point I went to court in New Jersey to at least get part of my money back from Kaiser, hoping that McNally and Schmoheil will follow, after the court ordered Kaiser  to make a payment of $250, who sold me this non compatible software.

Naturally I send the court order to McNally and Schmoheil. Instead of paying a refund and follow the court order, I was given more lies more pathetic unpublished policies and more crap from him.

Gary McNally, partner of Macro System US

McNally has the nerve to twist the truth that it is all MY fault and he always comes up with stuff after the fact like another pathetic policy I am suppose to follow. Quite an amazing business strategy discovery, but quite typical for scam artists like McNally.

Because McNally is refusing to pay back a refund, I thought I honor him with this blog, so McNally's family, business associates and friends and future potential customers learn the truth about McNally and his scam team Kaiser and Schmoheil.

To this date, Schmoheil did not respond to the request to pay back his share of the profit, no surprise.

I guess Schmoheil, McNally and Kaiser's actions was in their best interest and I know this blog and exposing those horrible people is certainly in my best interest and future customers, business associates, family and friends, who are entitled to know.

Have a great day.

Wolfgang Busch

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